Statphys 28 “Geometric thermodynamics: Nonequilibrium thermodynamics based on optimal transport and information geometry” (2023)

Issac Newton institute – Building a bridge between non-equilibrium statistical physics and biology “Thermodynamic bound on cross-correlations for biological information processing” (2023)

Workshop on Stochastic Thermodynamics IV “Geometric decomposition of entropy production rate: Wisdom from optimal transport” (2023)

Stat. Phys. Seminar of Univ. of Tokyo “Optimal transport theory as a geometric theory of non-equilibrium thermodynamics” (2022)

CSH workshop- stochastic thermodynamics on complex systems “Information geometry, several variants of thermodynamic uncertainty relations, and speed limits” (2020)

Statphys 27 “Stochastic thermodynamics and information geometry” (2019)

Winter school 2018 in Taiwan slide (2018)