Refereed Journals

Citation data from Google scholar
8.  Sosuke Ito
    ”Stochastic thermodynamic interpretation of information geometry”
    submitted. (2017)
    arXiv:1712.04311 (pdf)

7.  Shumpei Yamamoto, Sosuke Ito, Naoto Shiraishi and Takahiro Sagawa
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    arXiv:1604.07988 (pdf)

6.  Sosuke Ito
    "Backward transfer entropy: Informational measure for detecting hidden Markov models and its interpretations in thermodynamics, gambling and causality”
     Scientific Reports 6, 36831 (2016).
    arXiv:1605.00301 (pdf)

5.  Nobuyuki Matsumoto, Kentaro Komori, Sosuke Ito, Yuta Michimura and Yoichi Aso
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    arXiv:1603.05364 (pdf)

4.  Sosuke Ito and Takahiro Sagawa
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    arXiv:1406.5810 (pdf)

3.  Naoto Shiraishi, Sosuke Ito, Kyogo Kawaguchi and Takahiro Sagawa
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    arXiv:1501.06071 (pdf)

2.  Sosuke Ito and Takahiro Sagawa
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    arXiv:1306.2756 (pdf)

1.  Sosuke Ito and Masaki Sano
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    arXiv:1105.5456 (pdf)


1.  Sosuke Ito
    "Information Thermodynamics on Causal Networks and its Application to Biochemical Signal Transduction”,
     Springer, 2016. (ISBN: 978-981-10-1664-6)
     Reproduced from my Ph.D. thesis in Springer Theses, Nominated as an outstanding contribution by the University of Tokyo's Physics Department in 2015

Book Chapters

1.  Sosuke Ito and Takahiro Sagawa
    "Information flow and entropy production on Bayesian networks"
     As a chapter of M. Dehmer, F. Emmert-Streib, Z. Chen, X. Li, Y. Shi (Eds.), “Mathmatical Foundations and Applications of Graph Entropy”, Wiley, 2016. (ISBN: 978-3-527-33909-9)
    arXiv:1506.08519 (pdf)

Review articles

2.  Sosuke Ito and Takahiro Sagawa
    ”Information thermodynamics on causal networks and biochemical information processing”
     NIHON BUTSURI GAKKAISHI (in Japanese), submitted. (2016).

1.  Sosuke Ito
    ”Maxwell’s demon in sensory adaptation”
     SEIBUTSU BUTSURI (in Japanese), 56, 232 (2016).